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Much Needed Update

A much needed update is finally here, and many things have happened. Manoa Judo Club is proud to announce four new shodan, Cameron Nishida, Evan Nishida, Koby Kobayashi, and Koby Chun. Manoa Judo Club is proud of your hard work and dedication to judo. We hope to see more growth as your judo journey continues. The club celebrated the four high school graduates with a potluck and good company.

Manoa Judo Club also (quietly) opened a new class, Junior Judo. This class is for children ages 4-6, who want to get a head start in judo. While they don't learn any throws, they work on taking perfect ukemi and learn mat work through a fun, game-structured class. Students can expect to also improve on their coordination, concentration, and self-confidence. Classes are being held on Fridays, 6:15pm - 6:00pm, and lead by Sensei Darcy and Sensei Elisha. We a happy to announce that we currently have about 4-6 students in the class, and would love to welcome more! If you know anyone interested, bring them on down!....

....But not yet, because we are closed due to COVID19. We've been closed for about 4 months now, but with more and more places opening up, we are currently convening to discuss options and plans for reopening the dojo. We appreciate our members' patience and understanding during this difficult time, and hope that all of your families are staying safe and healthy. We can't wait to get back on the mat!

Lastly, but certainly not the least, we'd like to give a special spotlight to our very own Maxwell Higa, who graduated this year. Unfortunately due to COVID19, his senior high school judo season was cut short, as well has his school year. While we may not have been able to see him play out his final high school season, we know he would have performed amazingly. His dedication to learning is prevalent, and definitely shows in both judo and school. His hard work and perseverance has led to many accomplishments in his long judo career. Manoa Judo Club is proud of you!

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