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“Rentai-ho refers to Judo as a physical exercise, while shobu-ho is Judo as a martial art. Shushin-ho is the cultivation of wisdom and virtue as well as the study and application of the principles of Judo in our daily lives. I therefore anticipated that practitioners would develop their bodies in an ideal manner, to be outstanding in matches, and also to improve their wisdom and virtue and make the spirit of Judo live in their daily lives.”     

-Jigoro Kano

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"Seiryoku Zenyo-Jita Kyoei"

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Updates as of January 2023:
Space is limited in the Saturday junior judo class. Please inquire in person to see if there is space available. Enrollment for students in First class that have no prior judo experience can sign up every even month.

Second class, January 2018

“When I die, Kodokan Judo will not die with me because all things can be studied if these principles (best use of energy and mutual prosperity) are studied.”    - Jigoro Kano



Situated in beautiful Manoa Valley, the judo dojo originally started as Hodokan Judo Club, instructed by Sensei George Tsubota. After his passing, the club closed. The dojo reopened as Manoa Judo Club on September 1, 2017 by Sensei Ernest Miyamasu, a student of Tsubota Sensei. Under the new name, the club continues to reflect the foundations and disciplines passed down from Tsubota Sensei.

Manoa Judo Club is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. The instructors devote their time and energy solely as volunteers to create a fun, cultural environment to learn the art of judo.


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